Memorandum Number 1087


October 26, 2007

Request for Declaratory Decision from the Committee on Nominations of the 2004 Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference with respect to the Meaning, Application and Effect of ¶¶27.5, 705 and 706 of the 2004 Book of Discipline to the Actions of the Secretary of General Conference in the Allocation of Membership of the General Boards and Agencies of The United Methodist Church.

A petition dated June 28, 2007, for a declaratory decision was submitted on behalf of the Committee on Nominations of the 2004 Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference. The petition was submitted by 11 persons of the Committee on Nominations. The record does not indicate that a duly called meeting of the Committee on Nominations was held to authorize the petition. The Judicial Council does not have jurisdiction. The petition is not from a body authorized by the 2004 Book of Discipline to submit a petition for a declaratory decision.

James W. Holsinger, Jr., Jon R. Gray and Shamwange P. Kyungu were absent. C. Rex Bevins, the first clergy alternate, and Solomon Christian, the first lay alternate, participated in this decision.

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