Memorandum Number 570


October 25, 1986

A Bishop's Ruling on Annual Conference Membership for Annual Conference Chancellors.


At the June 1986 session of the Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference Bishop James M. Ault was requested to rule on the constitutionality of Petition 6 as it appeared in the Pre-Conference Journal:

. . . The Conference Chancellor shall not be a member of the Annual Conference. The Chancellor shall be available to assist the Chair and other members in matters needing legal or parliamentary rulings, but shall do so through the Chair and shall not engage in open or public debate upon any issue before the body.

Bishop Ault ruled that the petition was out of order and could not be considered by the body. In summarizing his decision, Bishop Ault wrote:

Petition 6 would have the effect of restricting legislation of the General Conference regarding the role of the Chancellor in the Annual Conference and is, accordingly, out of order.

Bishop Ault forwarded his ruling to the Judicial Council. The bishop's ruling is affirmed.

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