Memorandum Number 901


October 26, 2000

Appeal of Bishop's Determination in the West Virginia Annual Conference Stating That a Resolution Presented to the Annual Conference Directing West Virginia Wesleyan College to Rescind its 24 Hour Visitation Policy Was Out of Order.


The bishop did not render a decision of law but made a parliamentary ruling on a motion before the Annual Conference. The Annual Conference was under the mistaken belief that a decision of law had been rendered by the presiding bishop. Inasmuch as no decision of law was made, the Judicial Council does not have jurisdiction in this matter.

Statement of Facts

At the 2000 session of the West Virginia Annual Conference the chair of the Committee on Resolutions recommended that a resolution directing the Board of Directors of West Virginia Wesleyan College to rescind the school's 24-hour visitation not be considered by the annual conference session. Bishop S. Clifton Ives concurred and ruled the resolution out of order.

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