Memorandum Number 584


October 22, 1987

Delegation of Power to the Cabinet to Act for the Annual Conference.


The cabinet of the West Virginia Annual Conference recommended in its report to the conference "that in accordance with previous policy the Annual Conference empower the Cabinet to act on behalf of the Annual Conference between the 1987 session and the next regular session of the Annual Conference."

A written request was made of Bishop William Boyd Grove for a decision as to whether it is "within the parameters of the Book of Discipline for the Annual Conference to grant carte blanche, full discretionary powers, interim authority to the Cabinet or any other body."

The bishop cited 36 of the Constitution, which guarantees certain powers and rights to the Annual Conference, and ruled that "the authorization proposed by the Cabinet's report would constitute an improper delegation of authority by the Annual Conference to the Cabinet and would violate the provision of Book of Discipline."

The ruling came to the Judicial Council for review as provided in 2612 of the 1984 Discipline.

In numerous decisions, of which Nos. 78, 79, 380, and 400 may be considered representative, the Judicial Council has consistently held that the Annual Conference may not delegate any authority given it by the Discipline.

The composition and powers of the Annual Conference are specified in 35-39 of the Constitution and in other portions of the Discipline, particularly 701-745. No disciplinary provision for an interim body with power to act for the Annual Conference has been brought to our attention, nor are we able to find one.

The ruling of the bishop is affirmed.

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