Memorandum Number 590


April 24, 1988

Delegation of Power to the Conference Council on Finance and Administration or Any Other Conference Agency to Act For the Annual Conference.

Statement of Facts

A written request was made of Bishop James S. Thomas for a decision as to whether the Annual Conference has the authority to delegate to the Conference Council on Finance and Administration or any other annual conference agency the right to distribute remittances for the administrative budget either in amounts or percentages different from that established by the Annual Conference.

In making his ruling, the bishop referred to the general principle that "boards and agencies are always amenable to the Annual Conference and are not free to assume any delegation of powers that is not specifically stated." Citing 703 and 710.1 (1984 Discipline), he ruled: "The specific answer given to thequestion stated above is: No."
The ruling is before the Judicial Council for review as provided in 2612 of the 1984 Discipline.

The Judicial Council has consistently held that the Annual Conference may not delegate any authority given it by the Discipline. See Decision No. 584.

The ruling of the Bishop is affirmed.

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