Memorandum Number 1381


November 01, 2019

In Re: Review of a Bishop's Ruling on a Question of Law in the Upper New York Annual Conference Regarding Whether the Adopted Resolution, A Call for Structural Change, Attempts to Negate, Ignore or Violate The Book of Discipline.


Deferred to Spring 2020 Session.  

Statement of Facts

During the 2019 regular session of the Upper New York Annual Conference, the annual conference adopted a resolution pursuant to which a question of law was asked. The Judicial Council is unable to ascertain specifically that which occurred without the official record. We take this opportunity to reiterate the responsibility of the Secretary of the Annual Conference as enunciated in JCD 799: "Question of law shall be entered in the Annual Conference journal record as an exact statement of the questions and the ruling of the bishop by the secretary of the Annual Conference and properly submitted to the Judicial Council [¶ 2609.6]."

            We, therefore, defer further consideration pending the receipt of the official record from the Secretary. The Secretary of the Annual Conference is directed to provide to the Secretary of the Judicial Council a copy of the official record within thirty days of this memorandum.


Lidia Romao Gulele was absent. 

Warren Plowden, first lay alternate, participated in this decision.


November 1, 2019

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