Memorandum Number 566


April 17, 1986

Jurisdiction of the Judicial Council to Waive Publication Requirements on a Petition from the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.


In March of 1986, the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry submitted a petition for a declaratory decision as to the interpretation and application of ¶813, ¶1006.15, ¶814, and ¶15.14 of the 1984 Discipline.

¶2615 requires that any petition for a declaratory decision, unless filed during the General Conference, must be published in The Interpreter at least thirty days before the matter is to be heard and determined. This petition was received too late to meet that requirement for the 1986 meeting of the Judicial Council.

The Judicial Council does not waive the publication requirement in order to hear the case in April of 1986. However, jurisdiction may be accepted once this requirement has been fulfilled, and the petition will be placed on the docket for October of 1986.

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