Memorandum Number 600


May 05, 1988

Legality of Amendment to 805.1(b) Concerning Annual Conference Nominations to Jurisdictional Pool.


The Judicial Council was asked by the 1988 General Conference to rule on the legality of Calendar Item No. 1697, adopted by the General Conference as an amendment to 805.1(b) of the 1984 Discipline.

The motion of referral raised the possibility of a conflict between the amendment and other portions of that paragraph. The amendment does not introduce any conflict into the process by which the jurisdictional pool of nominees for general agencies is selected.

The amendment provides that the persons most recently elected as delegates to the General Conference shall be nominated to the jurisdictional pool. It further provides that the persons to be placed in the eight categories listed in that paragraph shall be nominated in addition to the General Conference delegates. Nowhere does the amendment require that General Conference delegates be subject to category limitations.

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