Memorandum Number 1433


March 15, 2022

IN RE: Clarification of Judicial Council Decision 1421


For the purpose of clarification, the Judicial Council on its own motion modifies its ruling in JCD 1421 as follows:

The language of the Digest and Ruling of JCD 1421 is hereby replaced with the following:

The annual conference as the basic body in the Church has the reserved right to make final decisions regarding the disaffiliation of local churches within its boundaries. The Conference Board of Trustees acted contrary to ¶ 2529.1(b)(3) of the 2016 Book of Discipline and Judicial Council Decision 1379 by closing the sale of the property of Woodlawn United Methodist Church prior to ratification of the disaffiliation agreement by the Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference. The execution, delivery, and filing for record of any deed to property cannot be accomplished prior to such ratification. Where permitted by local laws, the Conference Board of Trustees may enter into a non-disclosure agreement as part of the negotiated settlement under ¶ 2553.4. The bishop’s Decision of Law is reversed in part and modified in part. This holding shall be prospective and not affect the actions taken by the Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference concerning the Woodlawn UMC at its 2021 session.

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