Decision Number 381


April 18, 1974

Petition from the Philippines Central Conference Concerning the Authority of a Central Conference to Supersede the Majority Vote of Its Annual Conferences on Affiliated Autonomy by Requiring in Its Adjourned Session a Two-thirds Vote.


The Judicial Council in session April 18-20, 1974 considered an appeal coming from the Philippines Central Conference requesting a ruling as to ". . . whether a Central Conference can supersede and render null and void the action of the Annual Conferences. . . in favor of an affiliated autonomous structure."

Jurisdiction is not accepted for the reason that the petition raises a question of parliamentary procedure rather than a question involving the constitutionality, meaning, application or effect of any portion of the Discipline.

Reference is made to Memorandum No. 376 in which the Judicial Council advised, "The requisite vote for approval of the recommendation to become an affiliated autonomous church is a parliamentary question to be determined by the Philippines Central Conference . . . in accordance with its Rules of Order or Robert's Rules of Order. (Par. 630.5 1972 Discipline; Philippines Central Conference Rule 37.)" Such is still the case.

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