Memorandum Number 508


October 29, 1982

Prerequisite of Request by a Minister for Granting a Leave of Absence Under Par. 444 of The Discipline.


During the 1982 session of the Pacific Southwest Annual Conference Bishop Jack Tuell made a ruling on the following question, submitted to him in writing:

Under the provisions of paragraph 444 of the 1980 Discipline regarding leave of absence, and in the light of Judicial Council Ruling 459, may the Annual Conference vote a leave of absence for a minister without that minister's consent?

Bishop Tuell ruled that subsequent to Decision 459 in 1979, the 1980 General Conference adopted an amendment which permits such a leave to result either from the request of the minister or the initiation of the cabinet so that "The Annual Conference may, following the procedures of Par. 444 grant a leave of absence to a minister even though he or she does not agree to the action."

The Judicial Council was requested by a party of direct interest for Oral Hearings before a decision is reached. The lateness of this request and the length of the Docket at its October 1982 session made it necessary to delay consideration of this case until our next session, April 20-23, 1983.

The case is retained on the Docket of the Judicial Council, with Oral Hearings scheduled for Thursday, April 21, 1983 in Lakeland, Florida.

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