Memorandum Number 1211


May 03, 2012

Request From The 2012 General Conference For A Declaratory Decision Regarding Calendar Item 355

On Friday, May 4, 2012, by a vote of more than one-fifth of its members the General Conference requested a declaratory decision as to the constitutionality of Calendar Item Calendar Item 355. The text of the request is as follows:

Does Calendar Item 355 of the 2012 General Conference, removing guaranteed appointments to clergy, violate either the third restrictive rule of the Constitution (¶ 19) by setting up a process that can do away with the authority of the Episcopacy in our denomination and/or the fourth restrictive rule of the Constitution (¶ 20) by taking away a right of clergy without a hearing, trial, or resort to any form of appeal; and/or in violation of historical precedents to the contrary.
The Judicial Council does not have sufficient time to process the case and render an opinion in response to this request before adjournment of the 2012 General Conference. This matter is deferred to the Fall 2012 Docket.

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