Memorandum Number 569


October 23, 1986

Request from the Southern New England Annual Conference for a Ruling on Annual Conference Use of Interest Earned by Ministerial Education Fund Moneys.


The Southern New England Conference voted in its 1986 session to ask the Judicial Council the question, "Is it disciplinary that an Annual Conference use interest accrued from Ministerial Education Fund moneys for other than Ministerial Education Fund purposes?"

The methods by which an Annual Conference may bring a matter before the Judicial Council are set forth in ¶¶2610, 2611, 1612, and 2615 of the 1984 Discipline. The method chosen by the Southern New England Conference does not meet the requirements of any of those paragraphs. It is not a question concerning the legality of any action taken by a General, Jurisdictional, or Central Conference board or body (¶2610). It did not result from a bishop's decision of law (¶¶2611, 2612). It was not a request for a declaratory decision as to the constitutionality, meaning, application, or effect of a part of the Discipline or any act or legislation of a General Conference (¶2615).

The Judicial Council does not have jurisdiction.

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