Memorandum Number 1019


October 28, 2005

Request from the Tennessee Annual Conference for a Declaratory Decision on the Meaning, Application and Effect of ¶¶ 705.5(e), 705.6(a) and 706.1 of the 2004 Discipline with Respect to the Allocation by the Secretary of the General Conference of Additional (At-Large) Members of the General Program Boards and General Agencies.

Oral hearings were held in Houston, Texas on October 27, 2005. Speaking on behalf of the maker of the motion for declaratory decision were K. Edward Tomlinson, Mary Brooke Casad, and R. Carl Frazier, Jr.

The Judicial Council does not have jurisdiction under ¶ 2610 of the 2004 Discipline since the matter does not relate to the annual conference or the work therein.

Shamwange P. Kyungu was absent.

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