Memorandum Number 609


October 27, 1988

Request From the Wyoming Annual Conference on Whether "A Resolution of Reconciliation" Adopted by that Conference is Precluded by Language in the 1988 Discipline.


The Wyoming Annual Conference in its 1988 session adopted "A Resolution of Reconciliation," concerning the relationship of the church and homosexuals. Following that action, a motion was approved "that the Wyoming Annual Conference seek a Declaratory Judgment from the Judicial Council seeking to determine if the language of the 1988 Discipline precludes the legislation adopted by this conference and entitled, 'A Resolution of Reconciliation.'"

The resolution was submitted under  2615.2(j) of the 1984 Discipline. That paragraph gives the Judicial Council authority to render declaratory decisions "as to the constitutionality, meaning, application, or effect of the Discipline or any portion thereof or of any act or legislation of a General Conference;. . ." In this case we are being asked to decide not on the meaning or effect of any part of the Discipline but rather to decide on an action of an Annual Conference.

In Decisions 434 and 443 we were asked to pass upon actions of Annual Conferences rather than to interpret any provision of the Discipline. As Decision 443 states, "We have no right to do so."

The Judicial Council does not have jurisdiction to consider the request of the Wyoming Annual Conference. A decision that the Judicial Council does not have jurisdiction to consider a request in no way implies any decision on the substance of the request.

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