Memorandum Number 646


October 24, 1990

Review of Bishop's Decision of Law in the Florida Annual Conference As To Legality of Conference Standing Rules Relating To Allocation of Certain Funds.


At the 1990 session of the Florida Annual Conference a series of four questions of law, relating to Standing Rules VIII.B, C, F, and G, were submitted to Bishop H. Hasbrouck Hughes. Jr., for a decision. These questions dealt with financial procedures of the Florida Conference. Bishop Hughes ruled that the Standing Rules are in compliance with the Discipline. The decision of Bishop Hughes is affirmed.

Present for an open hearing before the Judicial Council on October 24, 1990, in Denver, Colorado were Larry B. Lake, B. Hugh Lake, Jr., Bishop H. Hasbrouck Hughes, Jr., Barbara Williams Riddle, Beverley C. Berry, Robert Bledsoe, and Craig Hoskins.

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