Memorandum Number 705


April 28, 1994

Review of Bishop's Decision of Law in the Northern Illinois Conference Concerning Procedures Related to Decision of Law in Regard to Judicial Council Decision 685.


This matter is before the Judicial Council arising out of a decision of law made at the June, 1993, session of the Northern Illinois Conference.

During the clergy session of the Conference, Lawrence Boyer raised three questions, as follows:
1. Do the rules of law imply a right of an adverse party to enter into the record, an exception to a decision of law as read into the record at an Annual Conference session as per disciplinary requirements?

2. Does the right of a member-in-full to bring a ministerial matter to the floor of an Annual Conference Executive Session duly convened, include the right to enter, into the record, an exception to a decision of law properly entered as per disciplinary requirement?

3. Was it proper for the chair at the 1991 Executive Session to refer a petition for a decision of law to the floor of the Executive Session for any action under the color of the Conference being a party to the matter of the decision?

The presiding bishop correctly ruled that the questions, ". . . relate to procedural concerns about his grievance and not to the substance of it. Therefore, since the Judicial Council upheld my ruling, it is my judgment that his requests have become moot and that no response is required on my part."

The presiding bishop is correct in his ruling and it is affirmed.

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