Memorandum Number 374


November 09, 1973

Supplement to Memorandum No. 355, Decision No. 350, and Memorandum No. 369


The Judicial Council, subsequent to Memorandum No. 369, received from the secretary of the Executive Board of the Methodist Church in Southern Asia a copy of Executive Board Resolution No. 55-73, adopted at the meeting of the Board July 18-19, 1973. The resolution was addressed to the Church of North India and dealt with the progress of the consultation on union at that time. The resolution reads as follows:

"We re-affirm the decision of the Executive Board accepting November 29, 1973 as the date for the consummation of the MCSA-CNI Union, and as members of the Executive Board express our conviction that God wills this large unity between our two churches.

"However, we wish to share with our brethren in the CNI the following urgent concerns, assuring them of our determination to move towards larger union with them and to consummate the same on November 29, 1973, subject to the prior fulfillment of the following considerations to the mutual satisfaction of the two churches concerned:
"1. That we deeply appreciate the CNI Executive for reminding us that the proposed wider union between the MCSA-CNI has to be on the basis of Union in the 4th Edition Plan. We on our part humbly wish to remind that the M.C.S.A. is committed to this Basis of Union contained in the 4th Edition Plan, which is not subject to any reconsideration, revision or renegotiation.

"2. That the proposed union of the MCSA-CNI is as between two churches having full rights and voice in the determination of the Constitution for the new church. To achieve this end it is absolutely necessary that the M.C.S.A. coming into the union have full voting rights in the special session of the Synod which will finalize the Constitution. This is according to the CNI Executive's minutes which states 'that the representatives of the M.C.S.A. will have their full share in the on-going discussions and decision-making on all such matters.'

"3. To make MCSA's effective participation in the finalization of the Constitution it seems necessary that the proposed meeting of the Special Synod be postponed to a date mutually acceptable to the CNI-MCSA Consultation, giving the MCSA needed time to study the Constitution and to present a memorandum on the changes desired by MCSA, and give the CNI needed time to take legislative steps providing voting powers for the MCSA or the dioceses into which the MCSA will go in the Synod as well as time to elect delegates and take other steps to become effectively represented in the Synod.

"4. That the concerns and decisions of the MCSA-CNI Consultation be more explicitly dealt with and reciprocated more adequately than has been done in the CNI Executive as it evidenced by their minutes.

"5. That a further consultation of the representatives be convened in the month of October to consider the reports of the various committees by the MCSA and CNI to study and implement the decisions of the CNI-MCSA Consultation."

The Judicial Council takes notice of information received that the Central Conference has rejected the date of consummation of union of November 29, 1973 by a vote of 97 to 32. The Judicial Council has no further information on the progress of union.

We would remind all concerned of our warning in Memorandum No. 369:
"We would point out that the Central Conference is still under the mandate of the authorization of the General Conference and the overwhelming vote of the Central Conference and its Annual Conferences to proceed as swiftly as possible to the consummation of union under the Fourth Plan."

We now point out that union must be consummated under the Fourth Plan without further delay.

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