IGiveUMC Campaign Resources

We value the impact that local churches provide within their communities for spiritual, physical and emotional needs. The #IGiveUMC campaign encourages support for local United Methodist Churches and the ministries they offer through donations. Donors are encouraged to give to their local church in honor or memory of someone who has made a difference in their life and then express their appreciation on social media. Will you help us share joy, kindness and gratitude?

Check out this video to see how you can get involved!

There are 3 goals for this campaign:

  1. Help local churches raise funds to support the ministry of their church
  2. Assist churches to increase social media engagement and awareness
  3. Inspire hopeful messages to honor/remember those who positively impact others

Local churches make every effort to support the needs within their communities and rely on generosity of the body of Christ.  We invite you to join the #IGiveUMC celebrations scheduled through the year and hope these efforts inspire you to express appreciation for others through additional occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, baptisms, graduations and recognitions. Tying the campaign to a seasonal celebration will encourage participation because people are already seeking ways to honor loved ones on special occasions. 

Launch the campaign in your church!

Campaign/Flight Campaign Dates 
Clergy Appreciation September 26-October 11

Everything you need to launch the #IGiveUMC campaign in support of your church is available in the below sections broken out by language. As the year passes, updated resources will be uploaded here, so check back often!

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Video Examples

Clergy Appreciation Day Video  (41 sec)

Pastor Appreciation Day Resources English version (12 Different Resources)

Pastor Appreciation Day Resources  French version (12 Different Resources)

Pastor Appreciation Day Resources Korean version  (12 Different Resources)

Pastor Appreciation Day Resources  Portuguese version (12 Different Resources)

Pastor Appreciation Day Resources Spanish version  (12 Different Resources)

Evergreen Resources (English, French, Korean and Spanish)

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