Human Relations Day Sunday Communications #1

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Special Sunday Communication 01 | Human Relations Day 2021

Make plans now to celebrate Human Relations Day!


And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.— Heb.13:16, NAS

Subject/Header of Body: Human Relations Day is one month away—January 17, 2021.

Dear Church Leader,

Not long ago the world watched as a police officer placed his knees for 8 minutes and 46 seconds on an unarmed African American man while he pleaded for his life. He later died from the knee that was placed on his neck. The United Methodist Church's response was swift. The headline on read, "Standing against racial injustice: Global Ministries offers grants through the United Methodist Voluntary Services program."  The grants funded from the annual Human Relations Day (HRD) offering were offered to United Methodist annual conferences to provide resources for peaceful demonstrations, food, access to medication, and rebuilding efforts for communities impacted negatively.

Thank you for your generous gifts to Human Relations Day offering. Without your gifts, we would unable to respond to these needs.
Human Relations Day is January 17, 2021. Prepare now to celebrate this Special Sunday with offering on the Sunday before Martin Luther King's birthday or on a day that works with your church's schedule.
Our team has prepared Human Relations Day resources and ideas to enhance your celebration. Get started with your celebration plans today.

  • Select the person(s) to lead your celebration plans:
      •  Ask your local Church Council or equivalent, church, and society, missions, and religion and race or equivalent position to help.
  • Click here to find HRD project recipient stories to share with your congregation.
  • Play a clip of a Human Relations Day video profile listed here to help your church members understand how the Human Relations Day offering is making a difference.
  • Download the Human Relations Day Pastor and Leader Kit today to retrieve worship, social media graphics, videos, offering talk, bulletin inserts, and other resources.
  • Pastor Kit resources are available in French, Spanish, and Korean: sermon starter, bulletin insert, offering talk, liturgy, poster, and social media graphics.
  • Click here to order your printed offering envelopes or call 1-800-991-6011 to place your order.
  • Use the 2020-2021 Special Sundays planning calendar located in your Pastor and Leader's Kit to schedule communications to your congregations (Use social media, announcements from the pulpit, church newsletter, bulletins, or other communication efforts).

Announce the celebration date to your congregation:

  • Customize or use the information below to inform your congregation about your Human Relations Day celebration. Use this information on your social media channels, websites, newsletters, etc.

Announcement Copy:

"Human Relations Day is January 17, 2021. Prepare to celebrate this important Special Sunday with us. This year when there was unrest in our country, funds from the Human Relations Day offering helped annual conferences support peaceful demonstrations, food, access to medication, and rebuilding efforts for communities impacted by negative acts.

Human Relations Day calls United Methodists to recognize the right of all God’s children to realize their full potential as human beings and in relationship with one another. This special offering benefits neighborhood ministries through Community Developers, community advocacy through United Methodist Voluntary Services and works with at-risk teens through the Youth Offender Rehabilitation Program.

Thank you for your faithful giving to the Human Relations Day offering.

Connectional Giving Team