End of Year Campaign How-to-Guide


Welcome to the end-of-year giving campaign as we work to provide hope and healing to the world through direct support of Global Ministries and the United Methodist Committee on Relief. As a church, you are invited to celebrate the global impact of our church while inviting others to learn about Global Ministries and UMCOR. This guide will assist you in sharing with your congregation how evangelism and church growth, missionaries, global health and disaster response and recovery are making the world a better place.

How does the campaign work?
Invite your congregation, Sunday school classes, small groups and ministries to become part of the mission work of Global Ministries and UMCOR through prayer, support and fundraising. Donors are encouraged to give to and advocate for the mission or ministry they are most passionate about and share their passion with others. As you move through the campaign, refer to Global Ministries Give Love campaign for recommended causes, inspiring stories and additional information. Incorporate the information into church communications, e-newsletters and sermons, or create a special offering. Free, downloadable social media graphics, prewritten introductory letter, newsletter blurbs, videos, a how-to-guide and other resources are available through ResourceUMC.org/GiveLove.

How can local churches become involved?
The local church plays an important role in connecting members to the mission of the global church. This is an opportunity to showcase how your church is a part of something bigger while raising financial support for these important ministries.

As a church leader, your role will be to introduce the campaign. The steps are simple:

  • Review the resources and plan and explore giving opportunities on Global Ministries’ website.
  • Involve church leadership and laity in the campaign.
  • Invite your congregation to be a part of the campaign.
  • Share information and stories, and incorporate the provided content into your social media posts, sermons and communications.
  • Thank your church for participating.
  • Note: A suggested campaign schedule is included within this how-to guide.

This effort can help your congregation discover—or continue to support—areas of mission they are passionate about. This campaign is an effort in which every area of your congregation can become involved—whether you are meeting in person or online. Children’s ministries can begin spare change drives, youth and young adult ministries can create virtual mission trips and learn about the cause you choose while fundraising, and the whole congregation can pray together for the outcome of the campaign.

How do we collect donations?
Promoting specific details about online giving opportunities is an essential element of the cam-paign. When posting on social media or sending out information, be sure to include a link to the online giving page umcmission.org/GiveLove. This will allow people to quickly make a donation and then include the giving information in their own social media posts so that others can give as well.

How will the funding be applied?
Churches may choose a specific fund, or simply give to where the support is most needed.
A great starting point is the campaign page umcmission.org/GiveLove.

Where should donations be sent?
Directions about how to submit donations for Global Ministries and UMCOR are available at umcmission.org/give.

How do we connect our church with missions and ministry?
Your imagination is the only limit! Customize the suggested campaign schedule for your needs, and invite your church to a mission fundraising challenge or virtual mission fair, or simply share how your congregation is making an impact at home and in the world.

What campaign resources are available?

  • How-to guide
  • Suggested campaign schedule (see below)
  • Social media graphics and logos on your church social media, which you can send via email or text message or post on a blog. These step-by-step instructions will help congregants learn more about the campaign and what you’re asking them to do. Download the graphics here.
  • Sample invitational letter/e-newsletter copy—Customize the message below (replace all of the italicized copy) and use it in your church’s e-newsletter or as a letter. Before sending this information, it would be helpful for one or more church staff members or lay leaders to complete the steps so that your congregation can be inspired by your example(s). This sample copy is also available as a downloadable Word document for easy updating and formatting.
  • Newsletter blurbs to download and use
  • Stories and reflections to read and share
  • Stories of how the missional work of The United Methodist Church is impacting the lives of others

What should social media posts include?
Give Love, Joy, Hope, Peace social media posts may have several parts. It can include a link to your church’s giving page paired with a description of the campaign or a graphic from the campaign, or be either a photo post or a video post.

  • Campaign graphic posts are quick and easy. Use one of the provided graphics from UMCom, post and include a written message
  • Video posts can be created using the videos from Global Ministries page and sharing why the missional and disaster work of The United Methodist Church is important
  • An invitation for people to join the campaign by making their own donation and sharing why on social media
  • A reminder that any donation amount is appreciated and will make a meaningful and lasting impact in the lives of others
  • The name of the church and a link to the online giving page to which you donated (or other giving instructions)

For example, this message could accompany either style of post: United Methodists everywhere are being asked to give the basic human needs: of love, joy, hope, and peace through your support of Global Missions and UMCOR. Join us as we continue Gods mission through evangelism and church growth, missionaries, global health and disaster response and recovery. DONATE HERE: umcmission.org/GiveLove

About Global Ministries and The Advance
Global Ministries connects the church in mission through evangelism and church growth, missionaries, global health and disaster response and recovery. Every contribution makes a difference in continuing God’s mission across the globe.

Since 1948, support of The Advance, the designated mission giving channel of the church, has raised funds that positively effect change within communities and empower individuals across the globe. Thanks to faithful giving, The Advance has funneled more than $1 billion to thou-sands of people, equipping ministries worldwide.




Sample Pastor Letter to Congregation

Customize the below message (replace all of the italicized copy) and use it in your church’s
e-newsletter or mail the letter to your congregation. This copy is written with an emphasis on global missions, but you can edit the messaging to focus on supporting a specific mission or project from The Advance giving network. Before sending this information, it would be helpful for one or more church staff members or lay leaders to complete the steps so that your congregation can be inspired by your example(s).

Suggested email subject line: Bringing hope and healing to the world


Dear (church name) family,

This year has been a time of change and challenges. Now, more than ever, people are searching for the fulfillment of their basic human needs: love, joy, hope and peace. Now, more than ever, the ministries of The United Methodist Church are needed in the areas of evangelism and church growth, missionary ministries, global health, disaster response and recovery increases.

This is why (CHURCH NAME) is participating in giving towards the Global Ministries Give Love, Joy, Hope, Peace campaign November 1–December 31. We want to provide for those who need it the most, here at home, in our state, and around the world.

There are several ways to participate: through prayer, social media posts and monetary gifts. (CHURCH NAME) will share stories of the transformational work happening through our church, The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), Global Ministries—which is the missional and disaster relief arm of The United Methodist Church—and how gifts through The Advance impact lives.

Look for more information through (CHURCH NAME)"s upcoming sermons, social media posts and e-newsletters. This is a great time for our congregation to further God’s mission and join with other churches to give in a season of need.

Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of others.

In Christ,
(Pastoral team/Pastors name)




Suggested Campaign Schedule


Week of October 17


Review the campaign information and prepare for launch
Involve lay leadership and members in planning
Invite small groups, Sunday school classes and
    ministries to consider how they may like to raise support
This is a great opportunity to support missions
    while worshipping in person or online
Using your church social media accounts, follow
   Global Ministries and UMCOR on social media


Week of October 24

Invite & Launch

Launch the campaign publicly through announcements
    and social media, and in worship
Invite your church to be a part of the campaign
Use the sample letter/e-newsletter copy;
     be sure to share the invitation


Week of October 31
Week of October 31
Week of November 7
Week of November 14
Week of November 21
Week of November 28

Week of December 5
Week of December 12

Give Love
Give Joy
Give Hope
Give Peace
Give Love
Giving Tuesday Week

Give Joy
Give Hope

Share Give Love themed content
Share Give Joy themed content
Share Give Hope themed content
Share Give Peace themed content
Share Give Love themed content
Giving Tuesday is November 29
   Post daily this week to heighten engagement
Share Give Joy themed content
Share Give Hope themed content


Week of Dec 26
Week of January 9

Thank You

Thank your church for being a part of the campaign
Share how much was raised for the campaign

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