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Special Sunday Communications | Human Relations Day 02

Subject: Human Relations Day is three weeks away—Review your plans to celebrate on January 16, 2022


“It is joy to the just to do judgment.” — Proverbs 21:15, KJV

Pretext: January 16, 2022, is a Day of Change. Give generously on Human Relations Day.

Dear Church Leader:

Last year, two grants totaling $20,000 generated from the Human Relations Day offering were given to four United Methodist churches in struggling Louisville neighborhoods to provide food, education assistance and psychological counseling to at-risk children. “People will see that we aren’t just a Sunday morning thing, that we are the hands and feet of Jesus,” said Dr. Tina Patterson, pastor at Mosaic, a multiethnic church located in a diverse neighborhood in southern Louisville.

Human Relations Day is three weeks away. If you have begun your preparation for the HRD celebrations, kudos to you. It is time to review your plans to celebrate on January 16, 2022. If you have already downloaded the Human Relations Day Pastors’ and Leaders’ Kit we shared with you in our previous communication, here are ways to use the resources to help you have a stellar celebration.

No matter where you are in your celebration plans, it is not too late to get started celebrating Human Relations Day. We have worked to make these celebrations as easy as possible for you. Will you share the Human Relations Day resources with your congregation and help lift marginalized persons to higher ground?

  • If your church has online giving, communicate your online giving information to the congregation or encourage your church to give at  to the Human Relations Day offering.
  • Person(s) presenting the offertory prayer may use the Offering Talk because it guides them on what to say to the congregation. 
  • Sermon starters will provide a great entrée into creating the sermon.
  • The Liturgy will draw us closer to God and to our church community as we read responsively and hear the voices of God’s people.
  • Using the Adult Discussion group questions in a small-group setting leading up to the celebration is a unique way for us to learn from one another.
  • Children’s Message, Bulletin and Activity provide new ways to teach our children about God’s love for all persons and lays an excellent biblical foundation in their hearts.
  • Are your youth leaders looking for new ways to inspire the youth of your church? The Youth Resource Guide shares event ideas and activities that will help them grow closer to God and their neighbor.
  • Use the Social Media Graphics to post on your social media platform.
  • Place the pew card and offering envelope in a visible area so members and visitors can access them before the Human Relations Day celebration.
  • Access Human Relations Day devotions and share one each day for ten days leading up to the Human Relations Day celebration. Your members will be inspired by these biblically based devotions, and it will be a great way to keep in touch with your congregation outside of scheduled services.
  • Send the offering to your annual conference treasurer.

One of six churchwide Special Sundays with Offerings of The United Methodist Church, Human Relations Day calls United Methodists to recognize the right of all God’s children in realizing their potential as human beings in relationship with one another. When you give generously on Human Relations Day, you partner with God and God’s people to strengthen Christ’s loving presence in a hurting world.

Thank you for your generous gift to Human Relations Day.

Connectional Giving Team

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