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Email Title: 2022 NAMS Email #3

Email Subject: Native American Ministries Sunday is this Sunday: May 1, 2022


“God’s people faithfully brought in the contributions, tithes and dedicated gifts.” – 2 Chronicles 31:12, NIV

Pretext: Give Generously to Native American Ministries on May 1, 2022.

Dear Church Leader,

When the people of God heeded King Hezekiah’s call to generosity, they brought contributions, tithes, and dedicated gifts (2 Chronicles 31:12) to the house of God. These gifts supported the ministry.

Native American seminarians, annual conferences’ Committee on Native Ministries (CONAM) and local churches are grateful to you each year for your dedicated gifts to Native American ministries. Thank you for partnering in ministry with the Native American community. May you and your congregation be blessed abundantly.  

Native American Ministries Sunday is this Sunday: May 1, 2022. Make the final check-in with your worship team regarding this churchwide celebration. Enhance your celebration with the ideas and resources listed below.

  • Use the mission story from the Native American Ministries’ Mission Moments and More (MMM) page (MMM includes a short story about an offering recipient, scripture reading and offertory prayer) or use the Offering Talk provided in the Pastor and Leader kit before you receive the offering.
  • Lead the congregation in the Native American Ministries Sunday Liturgy
  • Remind your speaker to emphasize ideas from the Sermon Starter
  • If your church has online giving, communicate the giving information to the congregation or promote giving to Native American Ministries Sunday offering at
  • Share the total offering received on Native American Ministries Sunday.
  • Use the thank you note below to thank the congregation for their generous gifts. You may also use the “Thank you note,” below in your newsletter and on your social media page.
  • Send the offering to your annual conference treasurer.


“Thank you for your generous gifts to the Native American Ministries Sunday offering. Because you gave, Native American students will receive scholarships to help them complete their seminary education; Native American local churches will offer vacation Bible school and after-school programs to reach children with cultural and Scriptural education. Elders will gather to study and learn within their own cultural community and annual conferences will conduct Native American outreach ministries.

On Native American Ministries Sunday, you gave $__________. May God bless you for your generosity.


Pastor ___________”

Thank you for your faithful giving to Native American Ministries Sunday offering.


The Connectional Giving Team



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