PWJS Communications #2

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2022 PWJS Promo Email #2

Email Subject: Peace with Justice Sunday is three weeks away

Scripture: “Hate evil, and love good, and establish justice in the gate.” — Amos 5:15a, ESV

Pretext: Give Generously to Peace with Justice Sunday offering June 12, 2022.

Dear Church Leader,

Your local church’s gifts to Peace with Justice Sunday offering support global peace with justice initiatives but they also support peace with justice programs in your annual conference. Armed with the knowledge that during the summer months students forget some of what they learn, the West Ohio Annual Conference decided to participate in Freedom School, a Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) six-week program dedicated to increasing literacy. One student was so inspired, here is what he had to say about the program.

“My name is J’Juan Briggs and I am 13 years old, and I enjoyed Freedom Schools this summer because we read a lot, went on field trips, and the best part, Harambee.* I enjoyed myself, had fun and I learned something new every day.” (Westwood/Wesley Freedom School, Dayton)

Peace with Justice Sunday is three weeks away—June 12, 2022. Connect with your planning team about the celebration plans.

Feel free to use the resources below in the worship service.

  • Utilize the Offering Talk during the offertory. 
  • The Sermon Starter is a great tool that provides additional inspiration to create the sermon.
  • Using the Liturgy will help our members get closer to God.
  • Create a discussion group about peace with justice using the Adult Discussion group questions in your Sunday school class;
  • Distribute the Children’s Message, Bulletin and Activity to your teaching team. This resource provides new ways to teach our children about God’s love for all persons and lays a biblical foundation for understanding peace with justice issues.
  • The Youth Resource Guide provides event ideas and activities that will help your youth get involved with peace with justice initiatives.
  • Share Social Media Graphics on your social media platform to inspire members and visitors to participate in the celebration.
  • Place the PWJS poster in a prominent place for members and visitors to see.
  • Post several times on social media this week. Send one more email to your congregation. Include a donation link if they won’t be able to attend a service.
  • Send an email or letter or make team calls to each member to remind them about Peace with Justice Sunday.
  • Remind church members about the upcoming celebration and communicate your online giving information to the congregation or encourage your church members to give generously to the Peace with Justice Sunday offering at

Thank you for your generous gifts to Peace with Justice Sunday offering. Your gifts enable United Methodists to advocate for peace with justice ministries in the annual conference and through the General Board of Church and Society. Give generously on Peace with Justice Sunday.

Thank you,

The Connectional Giving Team

* National BMCR Youth Harambee celebrates and nurtures the gifts, talents and willing hearts of United Methodist Youth.

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