2023 Native American Ministries Sunday Email #3

Dear Church Leader,

In 2020, Global Ministries decided to use a notable portion of the Native American Ministries Sunday offering to help repair and reconstruct 83 Native American worship spaces in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas that are connected to the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference (OIMC). Representatives from the OIMC and Global Ministries met to plan the best way forward and both teams agreed that a block grant would help indigenous ministries prosper. The churches representing 39 tribes also provided a percentage of the funds for their project.

Native American Ministries Sunday is this Sunday, April 23. We hope your congregation will make a generous offering to support Native American ministries.

Here are resources that will educate and inspire your congregation to support these ministries.

  • Share the NAMS Mission Moments and More vignette that explains how your gifts change lives. Share the scripture reading and offertory prayer with your congregation or use the Offering Talk provided in the Pastor and Leader Kit to introduce the offering.
  • Encourage the speaker to emphasize ideas from the Sermon Starter.
  • Print and place the Mini Poster in a prominent place so that congregants will see it.
  • Ask your greeters to give a Bulletin Insert to congregants as they enter the sanctuary.
  • Promote personal participation in the worship service by using the Liturgy.
  • Encourage your members to pray for the Native American community and the success of Native American ministries:
  • Pray specifically for Native American seminarians as they study to serve God more effectively.
  • Pray for the outreach ministry of annual conferences’ Committee on Native American Ministries (CONAM) persons and each local church.
  • Post Social Media Graphics on your social media platform(s) to inspire members and visitors to participate in the celebration.
  • Share the offering received and thank the congregation for their generosity.
  • Prepare to send the offering to your annual conference treasurer.
  • Customize the reminder copy below and use it on your social media platform(s) to remind church members about this Sunday’s NAMS celebration.

Thank you for encouraging your congregation to give to the Native American Ministries Sunday offering. We appreciate your support,




Email Title: 2023 NAMS Email #3

Email Subject: Be Part of God’s Promise of Restoration. Make a Generous Gift to the Native American Ministries Sunday Offering!

Scripture: “Freely you received, freely give.” —Matthew 10:8, CSB

Pretext: This Sunday is Native American Ministries Sunday. Give generously and support ministries with Native Americans.

“Dear Friends,

This Sunday when you give to the Native American Ministries Sunday offering, you help indigenous ministries thrive. Your gifts may support a Native American seminary student’s tuition, provide continuing education for pastors enrolled in the Native American Course of Study, secure a grant to churches who need to restore their worship space or other challenges, assist the work of your annual conference’s Committee on Native American Ministries and much more.

“The impact your giving makes in the lives of Native American pastors is tremendous. It helps them preach the gospel, helps the folks in their congregations get through life and understand their worth as people of God and prepares people to serve in various ministries,” explained the Rev. David Wilson, the conference superintendent of the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference.

Native American Ministries Sunday is this Sunday, April 23. 

Be part of God’s promise of restoration. Make a generous gift to the Native American Ministries Sunday offering! God blesses us as we bless others. Thank you for your generosity.

You can give to the Native American Ministries Sunday offering in the following ways:

  • Give through our church’s online giving portal at ________; Designate “NAMS” in the memo section.
  • Write a check for the NAMS offering to our local church and place it in the offering plate; designate “NAMS” in the memo line.
  • Give your cash offering in the offering plate.
  • Give online or set up monthly giving at UMC.org/SSGive.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday!