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Dear Church Leader, 

In 2020, the Great Plains Annual Conference decided to use their 2019 annual conference portion of the Peace with Justice Sunday (PWJS) offering to support students from two campus ministries at Emporia State University and Washburn University to engage in social justice issues during their spring break. Not the usual thing that students do on their spring break, some would say. But these students have a mission to change the world.

Although the trip was cut short because of the outbreak of COVID-19, “it shaped how we all thought about justice and mercy and peace,” said the Rev. Kurt Cooper, UM campus minister at Emporia State University.The thought of a pandemic, changing the outcome of their semester, was something the students had not given a lot of thought to before this trip.” Gifts to the Peace with Justice offering support justice ministries in the United States and around the world.

Peace with Justice Sunday is two weeks away—June 4, 2023. (You may also select another date that is convenient for your congregation.) Check in with your leaders about the status of PWJS and your church’s celebration plans.

  • Communicate your online giving to your members or promote for online giving to Peace with Justice Sunday offering.
  • Place the Pew Cards in the pew racks or in high-traffic areas. You may also place them in your visitor or new-member packets.
  • Download the Offering Talk and Liturgy and print the Adult Bulletin Insert or Cover for worship.
  • Grow generous and mission-minded adults by sharing the PWJS Sunday Children’s Message and Bulletin Inserts with your Sunday school students. This is a great way to involve children in the mission of the church early in their lives.
  • Play a Peace with Justice Sunday video from the umcgiving YouTube channel as congregants enter the sanctuary, or use the video to introduce the offering.
  • Share the Social Media Graphics on your social media platform(s). Tag church members and encourage them to share the videos with their family and friends.
  • Customize the reminder copy below and use it on your social media platform(s) or send it as an email to remind church members about the June 4 celebration. Members who are unable to attend worship may find this useful as they participate in your online service if you stream your worship service.
  • Plan to thank your members for their generosity and arrange to send the offering to your annual conference treasurer.

Funds raised on Peace with Justice Sunday are allocated between your annual conference’s Peace with Justice and the General Board of Church and Society ministries. When your congregation gives generously to the Peace with Justice Sunday offering, you give The United Methodist Church a voice in advocating for global peace with justice. 

Thank you for your faithful giving to the Peace with Justice ministry,


Reminder Copy or Email

2023 PWJS Promo Reminder Email #2

Email Subject: Peace with Justice Sunday celebration is two weeks away—June 4, 2023

Scripture: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” —Matthew 5:9, NIV

Pretext: Peace with Justice Sunday celebration is June 4, 2023. Are you ready to celebrate Peace with Justice Sunday?

Dear Friends,

As Jesus walked the earth, he taught his followers that peacemakers are blessed. Peacemakers are not only blessed but are also a blessing to others. Peace with Justice Sunday (PWJS) is June 4, 2023. I encourage you to participate in this year’s celebration. Gifts to Peace with Justice Sunday support a variety of ministries that:

  • Strengthen local and global peace with justice ministries,
  • train new people to get involved in social justice programs,
  • grow advocates for human rights and peace and environmental justice, and
  • connect your annual conference to ministries in your local community, and the list goes on.

Thank you for your faithful giving to Peace with Justice Sunday. We appreciate your generosity. The PWJS offering is administered by the General Board of Church and Society and your annual conference. You may also connect with your annual conference’s PWJ coordinator to learn more about the Peace with Justice ministry.

We look forward to celebrating PWJS with you on June 4, 2023. Let’s be a blessing to our local community and global communities.

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