Brand colors

Red and black are the two main colors associated with The United Methodist Church.

Below, you’ll see those colors and discover how they are deployed in our creative work. Next to each color, you’ll note its Pantone number and the color values associated with the RGB (red, green, blue), CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), and hex color systems.

Application of Color

Our primary red (most often seen in our Cross and Flame) is the most vibrant and meaningful color in our palette, so its usage must be purposeful. This is the red that serves as the foundation of the overall palette. You’ll note its placement in the navigation of this site and its use as the color of our page links.

The burgundy and neutral colors help to provide a contrast to the primary red. For an example, see the gray and black used at the top of our pages in contrast to the white text.


The red palette is comprised of the primary UMC Red, and various shades derived from it.


CMYK: 0, 93, 79, 0
RGB: 228, 0, 43
Hex: e4002b



CMYK: 22, 97, 89, 13
RGB: 175, 41, 46
Hex: af292e



CMYK: 32, 92, 82, 39
RGB: 122, 36, 38
Hex: 7a2426



The primary black is most noticeable in the United Methodist Cross and Flame. As the color of the cross, the black contrasts well with the primary red flame.

The grays serve as a neutral counterbalance to the more vibrant colors in the palette.



CMYK: 75, 68, 67, 90
RGB: 0,0,0
Hex: 000000



CMYK: 65, 55, 52, 27
RGB: 87, 90, 93
Hex: 575a5d



CMYK: 30, 22, 25, 0
RGB: 181, 183, 180
Hex: b5b7b4


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