General Conference 2004: Legislative Committee Officers

Elected April 27

Church and Society
Chair: The Rev. Jessica F. Moffat, Oklahoma
Vice Chair: The Rev. Roger Hopson, Memphis
Secretary: Brent Salsgiver, Central Pennsylvania

Chair: The Rev. Bill Barney, Troy
Vice Chair: Mary White, Eastern Pennsylvania
Secretary: Eloida F. Lindo, Philippines East

Chair: Jeffrey E. Greenway, Western Pennsylvania
Vice Chair: The Rev. Forbes Matonga, West Zimbabwe
Secretary: Carol K. Loeb, Southwest Texas

Faith and Order
Chair: The Rev. Patricia Farris, California-Pacific
Vice Chair: Lonnie Chafin, Northern Illinois
Secretary: Carol A. Smith, Missouri

Financial Administration
Chair: Tracy R. Merrick, Western Pennsylvania
Vice Chair: Penney Schwab, Kansas West
Secretary: The Rev. Myron F. McCoy, Northern Illinois

General Administration
Chair: The Rev. K. Edward Tomlinson, North Georgia
Vice Chair: Carolyn E. Johnson, North Indiana
Secretary: Mary Brooke Casad, North Texas

Global Ministries
Chair: The Rev. Charles S.G. Boayue, Detroit
Vice Chair: The Rev. Sally Dyck, East Ohio
Secretary: Ilda G. Vasquez, Southwest Texas

Higher Education and Ministry
Chair: David Beckley, Mississippi
Vice Chair: The Rev. Rebekah L. Miles, Arkansas
Secretary: Alissa K. Bertsch, Pacific Northwest

Independent Commissions
Chair: The Rev. Dennis L. Blackwell, Greater New Jersey
Vice Chair: Eva C. Thai, California-Pacific
Secretary: The Rev. David A. Banks, North Carolina

Judicial Administration
Chair: Jon R. Gray, Missouri
Vice Chair: The Rev. Danita Anderson-Wilkins, Northern Illinois
Secretary: Benjamin "Ben" M. Bowden, Alabama-West Florida

Local Church
Chair: The Rev. Deborah L. Kiesey, Iowa
Vice Chair: The Rev. Virgilio Vazquez-Garza, Southwest Texas
Secretary: The Rev. Mary Council-Austin, Wisconsin

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