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How to take photos and videos simultaneously on iPhone

All the recent iPhones are equipped to multitask, and that’s especially true for the camera app. 

The iPhone camera can take photos and videos simultaneously, helping you capture every moment entirely and efficiently. 


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In this tutorial, we’ll go over two ways to do this, plus we’ll offer some helpful tips to keep in mind.

Take photos while recording in video mode

  1. In the camera app, swipe to video mode.
  2. To start recording, tap the red record button in the center or press either volume button on the side.
  3. A white circle will appear in the corner of your screen — which corner depends on which way you’re holding your phone. This is your shutter button for taking photos. Tap this button to capture a photo without interrupting your video recording
  4. When you’re done, tap the red button again to stop your recording. Your photos and video will be saved to your photos album.

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Record video while in photo mode

  1. In the camera app, swipe to photo mode.
  2. To record video, press and hold the white shutter button or either volume button. The shutter button will turn red, indicating your camera is now recording.
  3. To go into hands-free recording, drag the red button to the lock position that appears adjacent to the button you’re holding.
  4. Tap the white shutter button to take photos while your camera continues to record.
  5.  Press the red button to end the recording. Your photos and video will be saved to your photos album.

Tips to keep in mind

  • The photos taken while recording video will be lower resolution than photos taken when the phone is not recording. Also, they will not be captured as “live” photos, but they will be higher quality than a screenshot taken of the video.

  • When you record video in photo mode, the video format will be 1080p, not ProRes or 4K.

  • The dual-capture feature doesn’t work in portrait mode, time-lapse mode or cinematic mode. Also, it doesn’t work when recording video in ProRes format.

And that’s how to take photos and videos simultaneously!

Kathryn Price

Kathryn Price is a video producer and designer at United Methodist Communications in Nashville, Tennessee.