I saw the signs -- exteriors (Screencast Part 3)

In this age of navigational apps, it's impossibly frustrating when the IRL (in real life) world still gets us lost. 

In part three of a three-part screencast series, we focus on the signs outside your building and on your grounds.

If guests can’t find your building — for whatever reason (obscured signs, wrong GPS directions, map apps on your phone mistake your church for a Taco Bell) — they’ll be missed guests instead of first-timers. 

Kim provides pointers on managing a DIY audit of your exterior signs and choosing a design that attracts passersby.

(17 minutes)

Dr. Kim Pope-Seiberling

Dr. Kim Pope-Seiberling is part of a husband-wife duo working to help the church embody 1 > 99 at brokensheep.com. She has been a pastor of growing churches in urban, suburban and rural settings for over 17 years, helping turn around churches after years of decline.



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