I saw the signs -- interiors (Screencast Part 2)

By Dr. Kim Pope-Seiberling

In this age of navigational apps, it's impossibly frustrating when the IRL (in real life) world still gets us lost. 

In part two of a three-part screencast series, we focus on the signs inside your church.

Ever open a wrong door only to have curious eyes staring at you? Worse...walking into the wrong restroom? Nobody wants to be lost or enter the wrong room. The more people feel comfortable independently moving around your church, the greater they feel welcomed. But there's more to the art of good signage than pages run through your printer and stuck around your building.

Kim provides pointers on managing your own audit and choosing the sign type right for your church and budget.

(20 minutes)

Dr. Kim Pope-Seiberling

Dr. Kim Pope-Seiberling is part of a husband-wife duo working to help the church embody 1 > 99 at brokensheep.com. She has been a pastor of growing churches in urban, suburban and rural settings for over 17 years, helping turn around churches after years of decline.



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