March 21, 2021 – 5th Sunday in Lent – World Service Fund (General Board of Global Ministries)

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Moment for Mission

“Whoever serves me must follow me. Wherever I am, there my servant will also be. My Father will honor whoever serves me.” —John 12:26, CEB

As the mission and humanitarian-assistance agency of The United Methodist Church, Global Ministries equips, strengthens and transforms people and communities for God’s mission around the world.

New and revitalized churches. Missionaries around the world. Disaster response and recovery. Global health. This is the work of Global Ministries. The World Service Fund, one of seven funds provided through apportionment giving, is the lifeline to mission and ministry efforts throughout the denomination. Over 300 missionaries serve in 70 countries with World Service Fund support. Three hundred Methodist hospitals and clinics promote healing around the world. One million children have received life-saving interventions. Survivors of earthquakes, famine, tornadoes, floods, wildfires and hurricanes get immediate assistance, as well as long-range sustainable development. With support from the World Service Fund, The United Methodist Church is in mission and ministry in 115 countries, shining God’s light in all corners of the earth.

Your faithful giving makes the heart-changing and world-transforming ministry of Jesus possible today. Because of your generosity, The United Methodist Church continues to share good news with the world God loves.

Bishop Mary Ann Swenson explained why the World Service Fund is so very vital. “It is a way in which neighbor helps neighbor, and it helps Christians reach out all around the world,” she said. “World Service Fund is everything that defines our church. It is the way that we connect together, the way that we become powerful in our response.”

Offertory Prayer
Loving God, you call us to serve you. As your disciples in the world today, help us to reach out with our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. In your name, we pray. Amen.

From Discipleship Ministries: Fifth Sunday in Lent God of compassion, when we failed to keep your commandments and rebelled against that which would bring peace and joy to our lives, your love was so great that you offered us a new covenant – not written on tablets, but on our hearts. In our giving, and in all our offerings, may it be our lives, our love and devotion that we bring to your altar. May we remember in our giving that you loved us so much that the sacrifice of your Son on the cross for us was not too great a cost. Our gifts are meager in comparison, but let them remind us of what you gave first. In Christ, our Savior and Redeemer, we pray. Amen.  (Jeremiah 31:31-34)

Newsletter Nugget
In a recent interview, Roland Fernandes, Global Ministries/UMCOR general secretary, said, “Our role is to enable and facilitate mission. Truly effective mission is life-giving and transformational for those we work with and for us as well. We can’t lose sight of that mutual aspect of mission.

“I have seen many examples of mission that transform whole communities. I think of the work of UMCOR: the relief work after Katrina, the work in Indonesia after the tsunami, the five years of casework in New York after the 9/11 tragedy and the work we share with the African health boards.”

The needs around us often feel overwhelming. No one can meet every need. But together, through the World Service Fund, we share God’s love with the world.

As United Methodism’s worldwide mission and development agency, Global Ministries today supports more than 300 missionaries in over 70 countries, including the United States. It has personnel, projects and partners in 120 countries.

Thank you for your generous support!

Mary Lou Greenwood Boice, General Board of Global Ministries

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