Pastor Resources email copy for Global Health


Subject line: Let’s transform the world together!

Pre-header: Nurture holistic well-being around the world

It might seem like an unattainable goal, but achieving holistic well-being in communities around the world is not only possible, it’s a reality. Because of generous donations given through The Advance, hundreds of mission projects are making a meaningful difference in the lives of countless families and individuals.

Investing in children
Since 2017, the Abundant Health initiative has focused on providing lifesaving interventions to more than 1 million children. Over $26 million, along with millions in partner in-kind contributions, has been invested in 50 countries, bringing health services to thousands of communities across Asia, Africa, North America and Central America.

Strengthening healthcare in Tunda
Construction of a new United Methodist hospital was recently completed in Tunda, a rural area in East Congo. Once its interiors are furnished and supplies are stocked, the facility will offer vital medical care to 100,000 people! The 9-building campus also serves as a clean water source for nearby villages.

Let’s transform the world together!
None of this life-changing, hope-giving work would be possible without people just like you – people who yearn to ensure a brighter future for someone in need.

There is much more work yet to be done! Join us as we continue to follow God’s call to love and serve our neighbors, both near and far. Gifts of any size will make an impact, and 100% of every donation will reach its designated project or ministry.

Learn more about ongoing global health ministries and make a donation today at