Reflecting on summer

Dan Krause and his family enjoyed time at Dollywood. (Photo courtesy of the Krause family.)
Dan Krause and his family enjoyed time at Dollywood. (Photo courtesy of the Krause family.)

It’s a year of record-breaking heat waves, and we’re just past the official midpoint -- which occurred on August 7. Despite the high temperatures, we hope you’re having a great summer. [email protected] asked General Secretary Dan Krause for his reflections on summers past and present. Check out his answers, then take a look at photos from our July Summer Town Hall/ Fun Gathering.

What's been the best part of your summer so far? 

Dan: Summer is always a whirlwind – it’s great to have the kids out of school, but that also makes things hectic as well.  We’ve had some time for family trips and outdoor adventures this year. On the work side, it has good to be able to travel and reconnect with people in person at annual conferences and other training events. 

What were your favorite summer activities as a kid growing up? 

Dan: I grew up in Montana, so I’m a mountain boy at heart.  I enjoyed hiking and swimming in the summer.  On the more obscure side, I always had a fascination with visiting Montana ghost towns and imagining the life in the buildings back in their heyday.

Swimming pool or ocean/lake? 

Dan: Uh…swimming pool, but this is a tough one – I like the beach to play on, but not getting in the ocean with the salt water.  Pools can gross me out though when you think of all the people’s bodies that go through that water…

If you could relive one summer of your life, which one would you pick? 

Dan: Ooh…that’s a hard one.  Maybe the summer after graduate school before I started working full time – I took a trip through Europe with friends and spent time just relaxing around the pool at my Mom’s house.  The last of the carefree days…

Did you ever attend summer camp? 

Dan: I hated summer camp – I always got that nervous, homesick feeling on the drive there.  But I did a week or two each summer.  Now my kids do it and they seem to like it…I hope…

Best summer vacation you ever had? 

Dan: There are many trips I’ve been blessed to be able to take.  Cultural experiences are my favorite, but not tied to summer memories per se.  Thinking about summer vacations in particular conjures for me memories of trips to theme parks and getting adrenaline rush.  We usually do a theme park visit of some sort each summer.  We were at Dollywood this year, which I must say held its own against Universal and Disney that we’ve also done in recent years.