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Six Key Strategies to add to your fundraising efforts


Why go mobile for fundraising? Smartphones are our Most Personal Device and they have changed the way we communicate and connect with those we love, the causes we care about and the world around us. As technology advances, the methods your nonprofit is using to reach and acquire donors must also adapt, so you can continue to achieve your mission. By leveraging mobile technology within your fundraising plans, you are able to go beyond traditional fundraising methods to amplify your message and engage your supporters like never before.

MobileCause shares key strategies in their guide so that your nonprofit can easily add to your current fundraising efforts, including email, social and direct mail, to help you establish a top performing multi-channel communications plan. They also uncover the expansive universe that mobile messaging offers such as branded keywords, automated text reminders, analytics and using text messaging to thank and steward your donors.

Here are the key strategies summarized:

1. Give Anytime, Anywhere
Text-to-donate is the easiest way for your donors to give on the go, at an event, or at the exact moment they’re inspired to give to your organization. Donors simply text a unique branded keyword to a 5-digit number, also known as a shortcode, and they’ll receive an instant reply with a message from you and a link to your organization’s mobile-friendly donation page. It’s that simple!

Text-to-Donate Offers the Convenience Donors Want. If you want to ensure your content is seen by supporters, nonprofits have the benefit of being able to text them. Using text-to-donate for specific campaigns allows for a convenient, and secure way for your donors to give in the moment:

2. Personalize the Donor Experience
A personalized donor experience can result not only in improved donor engagement and communication, but it can also contribute to higher levels of giving.

3. Branded Keywords Drive Action
With hundreds of thousands of nonprofits to choose from, even your most passionate supporters might find it difficult to focus only on your mission. With the help of branded keywords, you create clear call-to-actions that inspire support. You also give your donors and supporters the opportunity to connect, engage and participate by texting branded keywords.

4. Create and Deliver Mobile-friendly Emails
More than half of all emails are opened on a mobile device. People are much more likely to read your content, click your links and follow through on your calls-to-action if your email is mobile-friendly. Many email marketing services, like MailChimp, provide easy drag and drop editors for creating mobile-friendly emails.

5. Say More via Text Messaging
Gone are the days where you have to rely solely on email to get the full-scope of your message across because you are limited on how many characters you can use in your text message. Now, long-form text messaging gives you the ability to use more characters in your texts.

6. Measure Mobile Performance with Analytics
To calculate how much traction you are getting through your mobile messaging strategies, you can measure mobile performance through analytics. Measure mobile performance through platforms such as Google Analytics and Web landing page forms

excerpt from MobileCause Complete Mobile Strategy Guide

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