Telly Award Congratulations

The Telly Awards trophy bestowed to United Methodist Communications. (Photo courtesy of Poonam Patodia.)
The Telly Awards trophy bestowed to United Methodist Communications. (Photo courtesy of Poonam Patodia.)
The United Methodist Church has always been present in the media with relevant, encouraging messages for people when they need it the most. Literally within days of 9/11, we had a big placement in Times Square with the message “Fear is not the Only Force in the World.” From messages of hope in disaster hit areas around the world to messages of presence, of simply being there for growing together in our faith journey, our slogan “Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.” has been hitting the right chord for decades. 

COVID-19 was yet another of those challenges that dragged us in its foray, just like the rest of the world, and everything we had done on the advertising front had to be discarded to come up with something that spoke to the need of the hour. We launched the “You are Not the Only One” campaign in late spring 2020 that took on the challenge of the loneliness people were feeling in these unprecedented times. 

Last week I opened a box to reveal a beautiful trophy. “You are Not the Only One” campaign work was recognized and selected as The Telly Awards Bronze Winner for the Regional TV Campaign category. My heartfelt congratulations go out to all who were involved including Jennifer Rodia, Jan Snider, Greg Petree, Patty Delibovi, Michelle Maldonado, Paul Gomez, Ryan Dunn, Harry Leake, Stacey Hagewood, Ricky Barrow and others. Our team worked hard with our partner The Loomis Agency and the award is well deserved. Jennifer Rodia literally opened her home to the slimmest production crew possible (due to COVID challenges) and wore several hats herself as she got these produced at her home very quickly. 

As I gazed upon the shiny figure a genuine feeling of gratitude washed over me. Team UMCom never ceases to amaze me! 

Though we are driven by deeper reasons for doing what we do, a beautiful award such as this, every so often, does not hurt anyone, right?