Judicial Council members' terms extended until 2021

The Judicial Council of The United Methodist Church is the denomination's top "court."

Update, April 2020

Following the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic and the postponement of the 2020 General Conference, the Judicial Council will continue to serve the church until our successors are duly elected under the provisions of paragraph 2605 of the 2016 Book of Discipline.

Pursuant to the Discipline, the expiration of the term of the office of the members and alternates — whose term would have expired at the postponed May 2020 General Conference — will occur upon the adjournment of the upcoming General Conference during which their successors will be elected, as set forth in paragraph 2605:

"Expiration of Term — The term of office of the members of the council and of the alternates shall expire upon the adjournment of the General Conference at which their successors are elected."

The Rev. J. Kabamba Kiboko, Ph.D.
Secretary of the Judicial Council
Email[email protected]