The United Methodist Church Ad Campaign Wins Telly Award

The Telly Awards trophy bestowed to United Methodist Communications. (Photo courtesy of Poonam Patodia.)
The Telly Awards trophy bestowed to United Methodist Communications. (Photo courtesy of Poonam Patodia.)

United Methodist Communications
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For Immediate Release
September 23, 2021


Nashville, Tennessee: United Methodist Communications and The LOOMIS Agency have been recognized by The Telly Awards for their advertising campaign, “Not the Only One,” which received a Bronze Award in the Regional TV category.

The award program honors excellence in video and television across all screens. Judges evaluated entries to recognize distinction in creative work-entries that are judged against a high standard of merit. Annually more than 12,000 entries are submitted for consideration.

Since 2001, The United Methodist Church has been present in the media responding to what’s happening in the world with relevant, encouraging messages for people when they need it the most. United Methodist Communications, the denomination’s global communication agency, launched their first large-scale national welcoming and advertising campaign just days before the tragic events of 9/11.

The new ad campaign urged people to find hope together amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and heightened racial tensions in 2020. It aimed to create awareness of The United Methodist Church among those who may be looking for community with others and to encourage them to connect with a local church or with the denomination online. The target audience included those who identify themselves as spiritual, socially conscious and seeking meaning in their lives, but who are not affiliated with a church. The award recognition is a shiny acknowledgement of how the pandemic didn’t silence the church from being able to offer a sense of community and togetherness to others.

Poonam Patodia, Chief Marketing Officer at United Methodist Communications shared her feelings upon receiving the trophy. “COVID-19 posed a challenge to us, just like the rest of the world. The work that we had done on the 2020 advertising front had to be changed to speak to the need of the hour. We launched the ‘You are Not the Only One’ campaign to take on the challenge of the loneliness people have felt in these unprecedented times.” She added that “A lot of hard work and talents were poured into this project by our team in partnership with The LOOMIS Agency and the award is well deserved. Though we are driven by deeper reasons for doing what we do, a beautiful award such as this still offers encouragement as we seek to inspire others and ultimately bring glory to God.”


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