UMCOM General Conference 2020 legislation

Communication is vital to the church, just as it has been since the first century when the Apostle Paul wrote the letters we continue to read thousands of years later.

As the communications agency for The United Methodist Church, United Methodist Communications seeks to increase awareness and visibility of the denomination in communities and nations throughout the world. United Methodist Communications also serves the denomination at all levels, including local churches, by offering services, tools and resources for communications ministry.

Through numerous platforms and in multiple languages, United Methodist Communications strives to engage people with the story of God’s work at all levels of the church, as well as those outside the church, by creating dynamic content targeted to the interests of distinct audiences including church members, leaders and seekers.

The submitted legislation enables United Methodist Communications to continue to forge forward with its mission into the next quadrennium and beyond.

Legislation submitted by United Methodist Communications (UMCom) / General Commission on Communications

Petition Number: 20254

Paragraph: ¶702

Title: Administrative Agency, Amenability and Program Accountability

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Petition Number: 20256

Paragraph: ¶703

Title: Administrative Agency, Definitions, Structures, and Titles

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Petition Number: 20337

Paragraph: ¶1804

Title: Communication Supports Church Ministry

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Petition Number: 20338

Paragraph: ¶1805

Title: Global Communications Network Amend 

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Petition Number: 20339

Paragraph: ¶1806

Title: UMCom Responsibilities

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Petition Number: 20342

Paragraph: ¶1807

Title: Commission Membership

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Petition Number: 20343

Paragraph: ¶1808

Title: Financial Needs 

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Petition affecting United Methodist Communications
(endorsed by Commission)

Petition Number: 20705

Paragraph: Non-Disciplinary Legislation

Title: Support for Communication Ministry

Submitted by: Angoran, Yed - Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. 

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Petition affecting United Methodist Communications 
(opinion not yet rendered by Commission)

Petition Number: 20674

Paragraph: ¶1801

Title: Merge UMCom into GCFA

Submitted by: Brooks, Lonnie - Anchorage, AK, USA.

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