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All available licenses under this volume agreement have been distributed. If interested in future licensing opportunities, please send an email to [email protected] with subject: "Future licensing" along with contact info and number of licenses. More licenses may be procured with sufficient volume.

United Methodist Communications (UMCom) is offering discounted licenses for the Zoom web conferencing tool.  This offer may only be available for a limited time until available licenses run out. 

The Zoom license made available through this volume licensing agreement is the Large Enterprise Ready license, normally requiring a minimum contract of 100 hosts licenses, and $19.99 per license. As a part of this volume agreement though UMCom, your UMC organization is not required to individually meet this minimum requirement.

UMCom's Zoom Pricing Plan

This license allows up to 500 participants in a large room or webinar, and has unlimited cloud storage. It also provides UMCom with access to other administrative tools to make this volume licensing possible. NOTE: Each host must have a paid license, e.g. in order to run multiple concurrent meetings, you will need a license for each Host you would like to manage. Each host can then create a meeting with up to 500 participants. (See the original Zoom price per host, per month).

The volume licensing contract begin date is April 20, 2020, and end date is April 19th, 2021. Licensing cost for the term is $150 for the 12 months period. ($12.50 per month). If you join at a later date, you have the option of selecting the closest start date to when you join.

This offer is only available while we have ability to procure additional licenses through Zoom. Once that ability runs out, the offer may no longer be available.

Please complete the PayPal form below to license Zoom through United Methodist Communications. Select the "Begin" date that is closest to the date you are paying. Please provide as much detail about your church or UMC organization in the first field, and if you have your General Church Number or GCFA #, please include that as well.

In the second email field, provide the email address that will be the main user for your account. If you order 3 or more quantity, this email will also be the "owner" to manage the licenses. If you have an existing Zoom license, we are only able to convert Free Basic and monthly paid Pro accounts. If you have other linked accounts in your existing Zoom email, you will also need to unlink the accounts in order for the new enterprise license to be accepted. NOTE: We are not able to convert any accounts with an existing annual contract.

If you wish to license more than one Zoom Host account, you may select the Quantity on the Paypal purchase details page as seen below:


UMCom Zoom subscription.


While we hope to quickly give you access to your licenses, due to the volume of anticipated requests, please allow the team 3 business days to get in touch with you. If you have not heard from anyone after 3 business days, please contact [email protected], with your payment receipt information.

To gain the most understanding of your Zoom Grant Incensing, please check out this FAQ.  




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