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World Service Fund FAQ

What is the World Service Fund?
The World Service Fund is one of seven apportioned funds of The United Methodist Church. Basic to the financial program of The United Methodist Church, this vital fund helps to build new churches, prepare clergy and lay leaders, increase the number of young clergy and pay missionary salaries. It also helps to expand Bible studies, provide leadership for youth ministry, continue a proud tradition of cooperation and dialogue with other faith traditions through interdenominational and ecumenical work and express the church’s commitment to God’s reign through advocacy for peace and justice. The World Service Fund is the financial lifeline to a long list of Christian mission and ministry throughout the denomination. 

How does The United Methodist Church distribute the World Service Fund receipts?
The General Council on Finance and Administration, in cooperation with the Connectional Table, prepares and recommends a plan of distribution of World Service receipts among the World Service agencies.

Can I give to the World Service Fund online?
You cannot give online to the World Service Fund. We hope to offer online giving to the apportioned funds in the future. Please encourage your leaders and congregations to support the World Service Fund apportionment at 100%.

How can I obtain World Service Fund promotional resources?
Download free resources and videos.

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