Action Ideas

Possible programs or working foci for annual conference COSROW groups

  • Host listening sessions then report back to related powers 
    e.g. clergy candidates about BOOM; lay women about attending AC; women of color about race and gender – in their communities and in dominant-cultural locations (e.g. annual conference meeting)
  • Set up a coaching or mentoring program for clergywomen 
    • Provide training to coaches and mentors 
    • Provide overall education events (e.g. at AC workshop on leadership)
  • Workshop at other conference events (or as a standalone event) for MEN and WOMEN about “my new pastor/district superintendent/bishop/boss is a woman, now what: celebrating how women’s leadership is good for everyone else”
  • Workshop on how men can (acknowledge the challenges of and) celebrate women’s leadership
  • Recommend women leaders to conference (denominational)
  • Encourage Annual Conference Session planning committee to review speaker-preacher-bishop-leadership at meeting and recommend places to incorporate qualified women (have your “binders” ready)
  • Binders of qualified women for the nominations committee
  • Monitoring, Desk Audit, baseline – study of women’s leadership in all aspects of church/conference leadership
    • Take a survey of the existing barriers to women’s leadership (listening session) 
      • Systemic / policy / institutional / cultural / assumptions / attitudes / latent 
    • Celebrate the progress made 
      • Have women share stories of a time before 
      • Name and celebrate current places where women are celebrated (have men do this too) 
      • Report to AC the great things which ARE happening.
    • Respond to identified barriers by recommending alternative ways of being 
      • Scriptural support for women’s leadership 
      • Historical and cultural models where women are great leaders 
      • Create new pathways to leadership 
        • Learn to recruit differently: 
          • Notice interested; invite; seek out missing voices; ask for recommendations 
          • Invitations: personal, genuine, thoughtful (targeted, appropriate, specific), generous, genuine, and relational
  • Distribute resources, tell DS, bishop, BOOM, pastors, lay leaders, conference publications about existing great studies, books, pamphlets, websites, etc.