GCSRW Moves into New Work/Share Office Space Agreement with the Northern Illinois Annual Conference

CHICAGO— The General Commission on the Status and Role of Women’s board and leadership have reached a work/share agreement with the Northern Illinois Annual Conference, moving into smaller office space shared with Northern Illinois within the Chicago Temple, GCSRW’s former location. It was determined that moving into a significantly smaller office space was warranted with GCSRW’s priorities of being good stewards in light of the continuing restraints on in-person working caused by the pandemic.

“We are thrilled to be moving into our new offices within the Chicago Temple and to be sharing the cost of equipment and services with our UMC neighbors,” General Secretary Dawn Wiggins Hare stated. “For years we have shared technology services with our upstairs Methodist family, and this move allows us to prioritize and focus our reduced budget through the lens of missional priorities on resources and programs offered to Annual Conferences and the local church while continuing to reduce and yet maintain essential administrative expenses. We are working to be a ‘nimble’ agency, with the bonus of getting to share space with colleagues in ministry!”

As of January 1, 2021, GCSRW’s physical offices are located at 77 W. Washington St. Suite 1920, Chicago, IL 60602. During the remainder of the pandemic, employees are working remotely from their homes. Once city and CDC guidelines determine that it is safe for employees to return to a physical office, GCSRW will be implementing a hybrid system where employees can both work from home or come into the office to utilize a workspace. Please send all mail correspondence to GCSRW at 77 W. Washington St., Suite 1820, Chicago, IL 60602.

“The Board of Directors affirm the decision to move into a space-sharing agreement with the Northern Illinois Conference,” board president Bishop Tracy S. Malone said. “This office relocation provides the opportunity for the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women to reduce office rental costs and the monies saved will help to sustain our mission which is to provide sexual ethics, monitoring, education, and leadership resources to the Church.”


The General Commission on the Status and Role of Women advocates for full participation of women in the total life of The United Methodist Church. GCSRW helps the church recognize every person – clergy and lay, women and men, adults and children – as full and equal parts of God’s human family. They believe that a fully engaged and empowered membership is vital to The United Methodist Church’s mission "to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”