Join the Movement: Shape the Future with GCSRW’s Young Adult Think Tank!

Are you a young adult eager to make your mark on the future of the United Methodist Church? The General Commission on the Status and Role of Women is thrilled to introduce an extraordinary opportunity – the young adult think tank, a two-year United Methodist cohort that will help shape the future of ministry and women's leadership in the Church. We're inviting young minds like yours to actively contribute, collaborate, and leave an imprint on our ministry.

Participants must be:  

— 18-30 years of age
— Member of The UMC
— Willing to meet on a quarterly basis

Diverse Expertise Wanted:

As the church evolves, so must our strategies and perspectives. We believe that your insights as a young adult are invaluable in shaping key aspects such as women's roles, ordination, leadership, and representation within our church community. Your fresh viewpoints and diverse experiences will help us chart a course that resonates with a new generation. Whether you're skilled in technology, social media, advocacy, or theology, we're excited to welcome your unique expertise. What unites us is a shared commitment to social justice, particularly for women in ministry. This dynamic blend of knowledge and passion will be the driving force behind innovative solutions. 

Your Voice Matters:

No matter where you're from, your background, or your perspective, your voice deserves to be heard. We're searching for individuals who are open-minded, deeply rooted in faith, and aligned with the values of the United Methodist Church. By coming together with like-minded peers, you'll be part of a movement that fuels transformation.

Guiding Change, Together:

Imagine actively contributing insights on women's roles and helping to shape church policies. With hands-on involvement in research, policy development, and advocacy, you'll play a pivotal role in shaping the commission's mission. Plus, as future church leaders, your journey with the think tank could inspire greater involvement in the church's work. The United Methodist Church's young adult think tank is your chance to be a catalyst for progress. Through your energy and commitment, you'll redefine our path, ensuring a more inclusive and forward-looking future. If you're a young adult passionate about justice and eager to embody the church's values, we invite you to join us in this transformative endeavor.


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