Talking Points: Eradication of Sexism in the Church

Genesis 1:27— So God created humankind in God’s own image, in the image of God, the Divine created them; male and female God created them.

  1. Resolution #3443 is being updated to acknowledge that this problem continues to be a prevalent issue in the church, with statistics showing that sexism has increased.
  2. The resolution challenges the church to ensure that all annual conferences are providing resources for local churches to educate their members on this issue and to become more open to equity and inclusiveness.
  3. The Global Young People’s Convocation passed legislation that acknowledges this issue and is forwarding it to the General Conference for consideration. This legislation complements that of the Global Young People’s Convocation and we affirm their language acknowledging this problem and that this is an issue that needs to be addressed by the church.

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