The perils of pastoring while parenting

Posts from two different pastor-parent-bloggers have caught our eye and touched our heart in recent weeks.

First, a pastor and mom of two young children (with another expected) writes about the decision she and  and her preacher husband made to keep their lives more sustainable.

"Balancing two ministries has not ever been easy," she writes. "We didn’t expect it to be. We have tried, our very best, to share in the give and take.  I have taken a position based on “convenience” so that he could follow a call. Another time, he took less than full time work so that I could finish seminary. When we moved back to KS, I asked to be appointed near the hospital where he was a chaplain. That match worked well, so following his chaplaincy he asked to be appointed near me. That match didn’t work so well. We tried again. This time he got a great match, and I became a commuter."

So how did that turn out? You can read the whole post here.

"The Pastor Mommy" writes about the days she has to solo parent in this post.

"It’s certainly that day. It’s not that day I’m on the mountain. It’s not even that day I’m on a hill. I am deep in the valley and it does not feel good," she begins.  In the end, though, she finds God in the details.

Thanks to both for sharing their struggles and their successes.

And now, dear readers, we'd like your help:  Do you follow blogs that you think would be of interest to other women in The United Methodist Church?   Please share them with us in the comments.

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