Women Called to Ministry Curriculum Now Available in Korean

CHICAGO— The General Commission on the Status and Role of Women (GCSRW) translated its Women Called to Ministry curriculum into Korean. Women Called to Ministry is a six-session study exploring women's roles in The United Methodist Church. The curriculum grapples with questions such as, “Why are women ordained?”

Women Called to Ministry affirms the potential of God to call all people to the ministry of the church, whether that call is to lay service or ordination,” stated Rev. Leigh Goodrich, senior director of education and leadership at GCSRW. “This curriculum helps both men and women recognize the unique gifts women have for ministry, and use them for the benefit of all creation.”

Along with the release of the Korean translation, GCSRW will host an “Introduction to Women Called to Ministry” webinar in Korean on Thursday, February 8th, 2018 at 2 PM CST. To register or join the webinar, click here. All materials will be presented by Rev. Hwa-Young Chong, senior pastor at Glenview United Methodist Church, in Korean.

The webinar will begin by reviewing the basics of the study, then turn to Session One to start the participant in the study. Rev. Hwa-Young Chong will guide the participants through the beginning of the study and encourage them to continue their exploration using the free, online curriculum to download and complete at www.gcsrw.org.

Women Called to Ministry is an excellent study resource with both theological depth and practical suggestions,” Chong stated. “While women are active participants and contributors in Korean churches, women have not been widely invited to leadership circles. Women's call to ministry has not been seriously considered or celebrated for a long time. This resource is significant for both women and men, clergy and laity in Korean churches for the way it challenges all to consider our own sexist prejudices, celebrate the Imago Dei in all people, and follow Jesus in creating a just community in the Church and the world.”

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