General and Jurisdictional Conference Information Webinar

In this webinar, U.S. delegates heard reports about churchwide finances, the Episcopal Fund, General Conference options, the Jurisdictional Study Committee report, and a recommendation from the Council of Bishops about Episcopal Elections.

Livestreamed on February 13, 2021, this informational webinar for General and Jurisdictional delegates included important reports on church finances, the Episcopal Fund, options for General Conference, recommendations about the structure of Jurisdictions and Episcopal Areas, and a recommendation from the Council of Bishops about Episcopal Elections.

You may view the archived webinar above. View UMNews coverage.


Facilitated by Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi of the Western Pennsylvania Conference and hosted Tyrus Sturgis, Director of Leader Communications at United Methodist Communications, participants and viewers will see presentations on:

  • The state of General Church finances: Rick King, General Council on Finance and Administration | View presentation (PDF)
  • The state of the Episcopal Fund: Bishop David Graves
  • General Conference options: Kim Simpson, Chair of the Commission on the General Conference
  • Jurisdictional Study Committee Report, Fred Brewington, Chair of the Jurisdictional Study Committee | View presentation (PowerPoint)
  • Episcopal election recommendation from the Council of Bishops: Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey

Submitted Questions and Answers

We received more than 300 questions from participants. Similar questions were combined and edited for clarity, and resulting list of questions below represents the breadth and substance of the queries submitted.
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Presenters and Hosts

  • Rick King, GCFA
    Rick King
  • Bishop David Graves
    Bishop David Graves
  • Kim Simpson
    Kim Simpson
  • Fred Brewington
    Fred Brewington
  • Bishop Cynthia Harvey
    Bishop Cynthia
    Fierro Harvey
  • Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi
    Bishop Cynthia
    Moore-Koikoi, Host
  • Tyrus Sturgis, Director of Leader Communications, United Methodist Communications
    Tyrus Sturgis, Host


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