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Denominational Branding

Identity is more than compliance to standards; it is about delivering a brand experience the audience will grow to trust. The United Methodist Church identity is a key component in developing the brand’s strength and reputation through its consistent application.

United Methodist Communications’ toolkit provides all assets and guidelines needed for maintaining visual consistency. These resources make It easy for local churches, annual conferences, general agencies and other denominational entities to adopt more unified branding across our global connection.

Your church and annual conference are strengthened by connecting with the symbols of the brand. Below, you’ll find downloadable logos, guidelines for fonts and colors, and more.

You can also check out our Branding at a Glance guide and the detailed Brand Manual for further information.


Cross and Flame logo

Cross and Flame

The Cross and Flame is the most recognizable symbol of The United Methodist Church. This benefits our denomination, as people in communities around the world immediately recognize and connect with The United Methodist Church. Read more
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Brand promise on background

Brand Promise

The “Brand Promise” is our commitment to everyone who interacts with The United Methodist Church. To reinforce this promise, we display it in a consistent and legible way, specifically as it relates to our logo.
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Need a new church logo? We can help!

Free Church Logo service

We have established a way for your local church to use the Cross and Flame while retaining your unique identity. Upon request, United Methodist Communications will develop a United Methodist-branded logo for your church at no charge.

Usage Guidelines

This handy two-page guide summarizes the brand standards for The United Methodist Church.

Branding at a Glance

This handy two-page guide summarizes the brand standards of The United Methodist Church.  

Primary colors of The United Methodist Church


Learn more about the primary color palette of The United Methodist Church.
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Approved fonts and how to apply them.


Learn more about the complete and exclusive list of brand-standard fonts and how to apply them.
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If you have specific questions about branding of The United Methodist Church, please email [email protected].

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