Religion and Race
	A mural promoting peace in three languages, English, Arabic and Hebrew, adorns a wall outside the Mar Elias Educational Institute in Ibillin, Israel. 1999 file photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Religion and Race

Challenging and equipping the people of The United Methodist Church to be an intentionally diverse body of Christ, the General Commission on Religion and Race offers tools to guide conversations about racial justice, racism and religion. It leads in systemic transformation, monitors for racial equity, equips churches and church leadership in areas of cultural competency, prepares and supports leaders engaging in cross-racial/cross-cultural ministry and serves as a fair-process advocate in matters of racial discrimination. A video series offers tips to start conversations about the realities of race and racism and how they affect our communities, our congregations and our faith.

Religion and Race 50 year Anniversary

Recognizing 50 Years of Fighting Racial Injustice & Inequity

The General Commission on Religion & Race (GCORR) begins a year-long roll out of initiatives, programs and coverage that marks 50 years since its inception in 1968 and continues the work of bridge building within The United Methodist Church.
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Implicit Bias Workbook

As each of us experiences life — in school, at home, in church, at work, watching T.V.  — we are surrounded by a number of biases. Some of these biases we consciously accept as our own, some we consciously reject, while many more fall into the subconscious level. Even though we are not aware of implicit biases, they constantly help to form our beliefs, values, ideas, and actions every day.

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What is cross-racial and cross-cultural ministry?


With the changing demographics within the United States and also in The United Methodist Church, cross-racial and cross-cultural (CR/CC) ministry is on the rise.  So what is CR/CC ministry? 

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Is Reverse Racism Really a 'Thing'?

Racism is best understood as a systemic issue that is one directional – white people/white privilege oppressing the lives of people of color. At its most misunderstood, claims of reverse racism attempt to describe situations when people of color discriminate or have prejudices against white people.

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Lenten Resource: Roll Down, Justice

The General Commission on Religion and Race (GCORR) presents the Lenten resource, Roll Down, Justice!, a six-part series based on the collection of social justice hymns recently published by Mark Miller of Drew University School of Theology. The series also includes a study guide written by Dr. Faye Wilson.
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